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Living Green Solutions, Inc., Dba: A Treehouse Exotic Plants and Trees, Inc., specializes in landscape design, installation, and maintenance for clients ranging from custom homes and small businesses to non-profit organizations and multinational corporations.

Living Green Solutions works closely with its clients to design a custom solution to meet budget and business needs. We ensure that our clients will get the most eco-friendly, highly distinguishable solution without ever feeling left out of the design loop.

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Living Green Solutions works to create beautiful, healthy environments, which project our client's image and reflect the quality of its operations. Living plants and trees are a very cost effective way to compliment any interior space and add a warm welcome for all who enter. More than just a beautiful appearance, tests by NASA have shown that living plants and trees also clean and purify the air of toxins. Beautiful and healthy environments that continue to improve the air quality provide an environment dedicated to complete wellness and full productivity. The mission of Living Green Solutions is to create beautiful and healthy environments in a cost effective way for all to enjoy; improving minds, hearts, bodies and souls.

Vision Statement

Looking to the Future

The vision of LGSI is:

  • Creating a National Interior Landscape for Clean Air and Energy Savings Programs with customized site plans
    • *Innovate *Rejuvinate *Educate
  • Continuing development of programs for green solutions and future services
  • Implement a long-term partnership with ISS World through the Building Directive Maintenance proposals for Interior Landscape with budget objectives for multiple sites and companies
  • Creating energy efficient Living Walls that conserve and save from 20 - 80% of HVAC energy used in commercial buildings
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